Here I will be posting what I consider to be interesting and useful resources for bassists, musicians, artists and audiences. Please feel free to download, comment, and share!

Available now:

[1] An original bass etude focusing on arpeggiation across four strings.
[2] An original etude based on Bach’s first prelude from the Well Tempered Clavier.
[3] Ron Carter bassline and analysis to “Eye of the Hurricane” (minor blues) from VSOP.
[4] A bass transcription of the first movement of Debussy’s Children’s Corner.
[5] An excellent C.S. Lewis excerpt which I find especially pertinent to musicians.
[6] An excerpt from Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina with insights into creating art.
[7] A bass etude focusing on open voiced triads in inversions across the four strings.

G Minor Etude

[1] Etude #2 in G minor

Variations on Prelude 1

[2] Variations on Prelude #1

Ron Carter: Eye of the Hurricane

[3] Ron Carter: Eye of The Hurricane


[4] Debussy: Gradus ad Parnassum


[5] C.S. Lewis: The Inner Ring

Tolstoy's Painter

[6] Tolstoy’s Painter


[7] Open Voiced Triads – Bass Exercise