Christmas EP


As a child growing up in Winnipeg, many of our Christmas traditions were shaped by my English mother, who brought us up with a love for Christmas pudding, Dylan Thomas and classic hymns and carols. For this EP I married my love for Christmas carols with the classic sounds, synths and grooves of the 80s. I took my share of creative liberties with harmonies and rhythms, while aiming to retain the magical feeling of the original melodies.

To bring this musical concept to life I assembled a star cast of New York instrumentalists, including Julius Rodriguez (keyboards), Jimmy Macbride, Curtis Nowosad (drums), Andrew Renfroe (guitar), Jordan Pettay, Matt Marantz (saxophone) and Jesse Fischer (organ/synths). I filled out the rest myself, playing basses, synthesizers and organs. After attempting to lay down vocals myself, I thought better of the idea and reconnected with two wonderful singers from my Winnipeg days, Sheena Rattai (Red Moon Road) and Erin Propp who both add their signature sounds. I think the result is fresh, fun and soulful. I hope you enjoy!

With love,


Luke Sellick: arrangements, basses, keyboards, synthesizers, B3 & pipe organ
Erin Propp: vocal [1]
Sheena Rattai: vocal [3,5]
Julius Rodriguez: keyboards and synthesizers
Jesse Fischer: B3 organ and synthesizers
Matt Marantz: tenor saxophone and EWI
Jordan Pettay: alto saxophone
Curtis Nowosad: drums and percussion
Jimmy Macbride: drums
Andrew Renfroe: guitar

Produced by: Luke Sellick
Recorded at: Electrik Indigo Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Engineered by: Jesse Fischer
Additional engineering: Jordan Jackiew, Larry Roy
Mixed by: Jesse Fischer & Matt Marantz
Mastered by: Matt Marantz
Photography: Todd Sellick
Design: Ben Sellick

© Luke Sellick Music 2017